How to Support Picky Chickpea

Picky Chickpea is a bandwidth-heavy site that gets over 1,000 pageviews every month. I spend several hours every day working on it and hundreds of dollars a month to keep it running. I have been creating inspirational content since January 2020 and created over 100 recipes. It has been a massive amount of work for one person to create and keep updated.

My main goal is to inspire and help peaople as much as I can, however keeping this projet and site running is not an easy task. 

If you would like to help make Picky Chickpea a sustainable side project and keep the site running for years to come, then here is how you can help:

The preferred way to support Picky Chickpea is to buy me a coffee here or any of the listed below:

  • If you buy reccomended product on the Resources page, I will receive a small commission.
  • Buy the Picky Chickpea recipe ebook (coming soon)
  • Share Picky Chickpea with your friends and colleagues—this site has grown entirely by word-of-mouth, so a link on your blog or a mention on socials would mean the world to me.

Any kind of support is much appreciated. 💚

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